Earwax removal


Wax is made by the ear for a reason - to protect it from dirt, water and infection. However, a buildup of wax can be bothersome. Reduced hearing, discomfort, itching, ringing in the ear and a feeling of fullness can all be caused by too much wax. The safest way to remove this excessive wax is with microsuction. The procedure is painless and safe. I use a special microscope to directly visualise the ear canal so that wax can be effectively removed with a very small suction tube.

 Please do not try to remove wax yourself! As you can see from the diagram of your ear - it is a very clever structure. You do not want to compact wax down into the deeper part of the canal where it might press against the ear drum (tympanic membrane ) or cause damage to the drum and delicate structures behind it.